User Centric Research for an impactful Experience

People won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel - Maya Angelou

User Experience

An etnographic immersion to understand Uses in situ and identify Customer Insights. Customer Journey, Empathy Map for sensemaking  from the Customer’s Perspective

Product Performance

Fine analysis of the whole Ecosystem of Use to determine chance to suceed of new concepts, news product or service features, news packs


Visual thinking to catch all interactions where/ when/ how brand & customers meet. Global approach of Brand image and positionning all along the Customer experience

Agile & effective research thanks to mix of techniques

Combining techniques to go for the best of each project

Collective intelligence

To explore the ecosystem of User eXperience going further rational feedback by testing, maping and ideating new strategies

Focus Group

Focus Group gathering several Users, Moderation with rational (tell me…) and irrational (imagine…) techniques to allow participants to express as much as possible about the issue

One-to-one feedback

 To probe deeply into User eXperience face-to-face to assess satisfaction of use and identify loyalty drivers

A face-to-face interview to delve deeper into a person’s circumstances, her reasoning process… understanding how she acts, what impacts her, what incentivizes her, if she’s satisfied or not

On line follow-up

To catch key moments in the User’s real life through its own eyes identifying WOW moments and potential frictions

On-line communities where Users report how they choose, compare, make use of the product/ service uploading comments, photos and videos to a on-line dedicated platform